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The world is at the transformation in various methods of doing work. And the microwave oven was one of the inventions which brought a remarkable change to the cooking, keeping or making your food hot and ready to eat within no time. Anything comes with both side’s profit and loss so is the case with it. When the microwave gets any type of issue, there are cases of physical and chemical adulteration with the food which is very dangerous for your health. To secure your health and proper and efficient running of the microwave, we at Total Solution Repair provides the best repair services in Delhi NCR and its other parts. We are in this service for more than 10 years and have been helpful to a large number of customers. Several teams of technicians work for us to ensure that the customers get a timely service.

The Microwave Oven Problems We Sort Out

We can better understand that a broken or damaged Microwave is an inconvenience in your busy and scheduled life. Normally, a microwave has the below-given following issues:

  • Sparks-

    Sometimes you may find or spot sparks inside the microwave also called “arcing”. This can short-circuit the microwave leading to its complete damage.
  • The Turntable Isn’t Turning-

    A common problem with microwaves. If your turntable isn’t rotating or turning, the carousel may need to be re-aligned on the turning mechanism. It is risky to repair yourself if you do not have knowledge about it.
  • The Microwave Doesn’t Turn On-

    It might be the unplugged problem. If it’s not then it might have some faults. The connectivity or internal wiring condition might be the reason behind it.
  • Microwave Isn’t Heating Food-

    If your microwave is turning on but not heating your food, and you hear a loud buzzing noise, you could have a defective magnetron, capacitor, or diode. These are to be repaired only by having experts as we own.

So, if you are facing these and any other issues with your microwave oven, give us a call for top-notch Microwave Repair Service in Delhi, Noida, Dwarka and Gurugram from the qualified and experienced technicians at Total Solution Repair.

Our Electricians and Work Experience

We at Total Solution Repair believes in giving a qualitative and authentic service. Once you get a microwave oven repair service from our electricians, we are damn sure it will be a new kind of experience. Giving service with a warranty on time is our priority and we are dedicated to it. The electricians working for us are highly qualified and experienced for all types of electrical devices with specialization in Microwave oven repair. The electricians hold years of experience in the work. We keep on training our electricians to maintain the standard and updation in the services and methods of repair.

Why There is a Need for The Urgent Repair of The Microwave Oven?

There are various reasons which will better explain the need for urgent microwave repair services.

They Are:

  • Any kind of damage or issue in the microwave system can heat your items to the high temperature in a short period of time leading to burning and wastage of the food.
  • The circuit issues can transfer direct current to its surface leading to electrical shocks. The microwave is made up of metal objects which are good conductors of electricity.
  • In the uneven heating condition, the food might get exposure to the physical and chemical adulteration which can cause food poisoning and other illnesses.
  • We know that one problem leads to another, thus it better to get the repair 
  • service when you have a problem whether it’s major or minor.

The Reasons for Choosing Total Solution Repair

You can consider the below-given reasons to get the microwave oven repair service from us.

The Highlights of Our Services Are:

  • We are available 24*7 hours to get your calls and emails and reply within the expected time.
  • We have different branches for a different location.
  • The authentic microwave oven repair service with warranty.
  • Certified parts replacement in repair.
  • Highly experienced and trained electricians at work.
  • Most reasonable charges and timely service.

So for any brand of microwave oven installation and repair service at the most competitive prices in Delhi NCR, Noida, Dwarka, and Gurugram, there is no one in comparison with Total Solution Repair. To get our technicians for the Microwave Repair service call on 844 770 9589 or email us at manoj.yadav271@gmail.com. Our experts will be at your door soon to give the service. For authentic and timely service always remember us.