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In present time, whether it is normal life or working life both are incomplete without these LCD, if they get any kind of issues and stop working then certainly that will be a big issue for you. The time has changed as LCD is the need of all, whether you are healthy, unhealthy, small business owner or big business owner all of them need LCD with different types of purposes. Some need it for entertainment while some need it for running their business and doing their work. The technology world has made its impact such that now they are need of the student as well as doctors. It is the solution for your stress and way to earn money as well as a companion in the time of aloneness. Any kind of problem which will lead to improper functioning or complete shutdown is going to affect your life. This can be the reason for the loss to the business owner whiles various types of impacts in a different kind of people life. Considering this Total Solution Repair is giving its services in Delhi, Noida and Guru Gram and helping the customer to live their life flawlessly with proper functioning LCD.

LCD T.V Repair Services

Problems which can occur and we repair are

Being a professional in this service we know the common problems which are:

☛ Screen turns black -integrated circuit issues

☛ loosen connectivity port -stuck and dead pixels -rippling patterns

☛ Power supplying issues

☛ low-quality images -horizontal or vertical solid lines

☛ Flickering -colored screen(green, pink, red) -dimming side etc.

LED T.V Repair Services

We repair like professional-how we do?

When you come with your LCD to us for repair or call our professional at your place for repair, we prepare ourselves accordingly so that you need not worry about anything. We do the repair service in some simple steps which are:

1. We ask about the problem to analyze if it requires to be disassembled.

2. Easy disassembling of the LCD.

3. Use of best electronic testing device to enquire the problems.

4. We have all the parts required in repair and if not available we know from where you can get it.

5. Correction of the issues in the perfect way so that the same issue never occurs again.

6. Assembling of the LCD and testing for the proof that it has got repaired.

So, you saw how easily we understand the problem and give repair for that accordingly.

Expert LCD T.V Repair Services

Why Total Solution Repair for LCD Repair service?

Total Solution Repair is a team of professionals highly trained and experienced for this service. Over more than 20 years in this service, we have a long list of customers who rated our service with five stars. We repair your things like our own so it is certainly going to remain functioning properly for a longer time. Our service has these amazing features:

★ Our professionals know the principal of electronic which makes our service more authentic.

★ We test the issues with government approved the electronic testing device.

★ We keep most of the parts required for the LCD Repair Service and if not available with us, we know from where you can get it at better prices and authentic one.

★ Customer friendly professional expert at service

So, for any kind of domestic electronic device repair irrespective of its size or your location in Delhi, Noida, Dwarka and Gurugram, contact us on +91 8447709589 or email us at , we can reach at your place in a scheduled time and will be able to give you a warranted service as we have faith in our service and you will have the same once you get our service.

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